Hydro Flow is a leader in water treatment, with world-class and innovative solutions for all market sectors.

Through our initiative of “Worry Free Water” Hydro Flow brings an innovative approach to Water Treatment that delivers both service excellence and technical excellence to our customers’ plant water systems.

Established in 1996, with our head office in Melbourne and branches across Australia, Hydro Flow is an Australian owned company principally staffed by a team of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to providing world-class water treatment programs and solutions to all market sectors.

Hydro Flow is a provider of technical and project services, a manufacturer of treatment chemicals and a supplier, installer and maintainer of dosing and filtration equipment.

A rigorous Research & Development program ensures Hydro Flow remains an industry leader of technical capabilities and innovation.

Hydro Flow has developed business partnerships with many of Australia’s leading companies and global manufacturers. These partnerships continue to grow because of the on-going reduction in risk, maintenance and utility costs which Hydro Flow programs are able to deliver. A partnership with Hydro Flow is an investment in quality and reliability.